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Blue Paper Project - Interstellar

Blue Paper Project – Interstellar

In december, Blue Paper Project released a 12 track album called “Interstellar”. It was a result of a successful kickstarter campaign, and there were also cassettes manufactured.  


The role of independent labels in the future

As the manager and founder of a small independent label for 6 years+, I am by no means putting any master thesis or 20 years of major label experience behind this article. However, I think...


Send us your track – we review it

We have started reviewing tracks. Send us yours and we will write a review with an extended dice. (1 to 10 score). The best way to get them through to us, is with a private message...


Smash Fabric Records status update

So what’s up with Smash Fabric Records, you say? I have been revitalising my concept, and gone back to basics. I am working on this label alone now, and I am only working with chill music on the label.